Academic Facilities

Communication System

The College provides easy access to the attendance of the students through the Mind Path Innovations SMS service to parents. SMS alerts about college notifications are also given to lecturers and parents. The regularly updated college Website gives a comprehensive view to the college activities.

Class Mentor System

Class teachers are assigned to every class enabling students to be guided individually in personal, academic and extracurricular activity aspects.

Maths Problem Solving Classes

To improve the performance of students and also to remove the fear of maths, problem solving classes are held twice in a week for more than an hour, in addition to the regular coaching hours of college.

Remedial and Special Coaching Classes

With the aim of enhancing students’ performance and aiding the slow learners, remedial and special coaching classes are organised.

Coaching for Meritorious Students

Special coaching is given to the meritorious to excel in the IIPU Board exams by training them to learn, remember and write better.

Other Facilities

CCTV Surveillance

All the important places in college is under CCTV surveillance. This helps in inculcating proper discipline in the students.

Canteen Facility

The canteen in the college premises provides hygienic food and caters to the tastes of the young generation with a variety of food items.
Bun World, a well-known bakery chain has an outlet in our campus

LCD Projector

In order to cater to the modern methods of teaching, every class has LCD projector. Teachers and students make use of it for presentations. In addition to this, the teacher makes the class interesting by showing videos and images related to the topic of study. Students learn the subject in a better way as they are able to visualize it.

Dr. K N V Sastri Memorial Hall

Dr. K N V Sastri Memorial Hall is a spacious air-conditioned auditorium having a seating capacity of 250 to 300. All the important events of the college are conducted in the auditorium.

Student Lounge

Student Lounge is an open space for the students to relax. Students are free to do any of the rehearsals for the various co-curricular activities.

Computer Lab

The computer laboratory have several facilities to equip and update the students with the latest technologies. The department owns latest versions of licensed softwares. The latest version of anti-virus software is purchased every year to protect the computers from new virus and worms. All the computers provide high-speed internet surfing. Students can use the internet facility to complete their class presentations. Every student is provided with a computer to practice the lab programs. All the computers are connected to the UPS. Students can continue working even in case of power failures. Three high end servers with rack server & data storage, efficiently manage a centralized database system.

Physics Lab

The Physics lab is spacious and is equipped with digital oscilloscopes, Michelson interferometer, anharmonic oscillators, airtrack and other high end equipment. An in house workshop to undertake repairs and service of equipment used on a day to daybasis has been initiated by the lab. Low cost instruments designed and developed by the teaching faculty in the Physics lab is used by students for lab sessions.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab is well equipped with relevant chemicals for students and staff to undertake practical experiments. All safety measures are followed to ensure safe lab practices.

Biology Labs

The botany lab is well equipped with space for display of specimens and charts and each student is provided adequate attention and supervision during practical sessions. The lab provides an appropriate ambience for teaching staff and students to carryout various botany related practical sessions.
The zoology lab is spacious, well equipped and well ventilated for staff and students to carryout experiments. Well laid working benches and good lighting in the work area enables students to work with ease in the lab. Zoology lab is well stocked with appropriate glassware, chemicals, different types of microscopes, colorimeters, microscope with camera and a museum. Smart board installed in the lab is used for explaining theoretical concepts relating to practicals. All zoology related practical sessions are conducted here.

Psychology Lab

The psychology lab is well equipped for staff and students to carryout psychology related experiments. Well laid working tables and good lighting in the work area enables students to work with ease in the lab. The practical sessions for Psychology as prescribed by the PU board are conducted here.

Bio-metric System

Bio-metric system records the login and logout time of the teaching and non-teaching staff. This ensures that the working hours are met without any complication.


The main library on the ground floor provide ample learning resources for students and faculty. The library has a reading room, reprographic and internet facilities and also a good collection of books, journals and CDs. Library resources are enhanced every year with newer editions and titles. The institution utilizes the National Knowledge Network connectivity through membership with INFLIBNET and DelCON – DBT – e-library consortium. The Library caters to the needs of students, teaching and non-teaching staff in the college by:


A garden owned by BBMP, attached to our campus, is maintained by our college. A full time gardener takes care of all the plants and trees. Students use the garden during the free time to enjoy the gift of nature.

Sports Room and Ground

The Department of Physical Education has motivated many students to participate at the District, State and National levels in many games. Students have been consistently winning medals in sports events at various levels. They participate in wide range of games such as netball, throw ball, badminton, basketball, kabaddi, chess and carrom board for which professional coaching is provided. The institution utilizes Government College playground located opposite the institution for outdoor sports activities. All indoor sports events are conducted in the sports room and college quadrangle


A well-equipped fitness centre caters to the demand of all the sports students. In addition to this, the facilities provided there can be used by any staff or student of the college.

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers available at various locations of the college provide the students with clean, drinking water.

Health Centre

The institution has an in-house first aid centre with a full time qualified nurse to provide emergency medical aid to staff and students. A Memorandum of Understanding with RMV hospital has been signed for inpatient, outpatient, emergency care facility and ambulance at call to meet health care requirements

Power Generators

The institution has power generators for constant power supply. Full time electrician will take care of all the electrical problems and requirements of the college.

Reprography Room

The reprography room caters to the photo copy demands of all the departments of the college.